We want to inspire and support kids and young people!

With our slogan “go future” the Lifeacademy wants to help our young generation become fit for the future and viable. We want to value, promote and express the potential in young people . We also want to enable them to actively enrich our society as reflected and responsible personalities .

Our name should say it all: “VIVIT” (Latin) means “he, she, it lives” and we want to help make life successful . We are convinced that faith and Christian values ​​can also make a decisive contribution to this.

We offer spaces and competent support for holistic development, prevention and orientation. To achieve this, we work specifically in a network with a wide range of partners.

Afternoon care

Our program for primary school students in Merano

In cooperation with the Albert Schweitzer Elementary School, we offer afternoon care three afternoons a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).

This offer aims to specifically meet the high need for German language support among Italian-speaking students and thus support and relieve the burden on the school and families.

Our employees are happy to accompany the children when they visit the cafeteria , do their homework and play !

Afternoon accompaniment

Our program for middle school students in Merano

In cooperation with the Carl Wolf Middle School and in collaboration with the youth service, we offer afternoon care two afternoons a week (Mondays and Wednesdays).

Our staff are happy to accompany the students when they visit the cafeteria , do their homework and play together! We also learn cool life skills!

Life modules

Our thematic support modules for schoolchildren in Merano

With our life modules we want to strengthen self-awareness, personal reflection and individual support among children and young people.

Our current life modules:

Anti-bullying & safety training, safety training PLUS


Are you looking for someone you can trust to listen to you and help you understand yourself and your experiences better? Someone with whom you can take steps to build your future? We offer you your personal trainer!

We advise and support young people with their personal concerns and questions about personality, coping with everyday life and shaping their future.

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