Dr. Mag. Evelyn Matscher


Counseling focus:

  • Individual, family and parenting consulting
  • Developmental problems in children and
    young people
  • Questions about kindergarten and school
  • Career reorientation
  • Case supervision for individuals and teams
    social and advisory context
  • Further development of team spirit/conflicts
    Groups or teams
  • Reflection on the leadership role

My offer is aimed at individuals, families and couples. I work with adults as well as with children and young people in a systemically solution-oriented manner. 

Due to my qualifications and my many years of consulting work, I am a full member of the German Society for Systemic Therapy, Counseling and Family Therapy (DGSF) as well as a member of the supervisor and coach pool of the Pedagogical Department/German Education Directorate/Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

my mottoaccording to Master Eckhart:

"The most important hour is always the present, the most important person is always the one standing in front of you, the most important deed is always love."