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Daytime summer camp


Calceranica al Lago (football field)


1 - 5 July 2024


8 - 16 years (are divided by age group)


15 American coaches & several Italian animators

Important informations:

in English (facilitated by Italian translators)

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CALCERANICA | 1 – 5 JULY 2024 | 2° edition


Baseball is a very popular sport in the world, but not very popular in Italy; VIVIT and ALTRIMENTI, associations that have been organizing summer camps in Trentino for several years, have a very special proposal for summer 2024. A group of AMERICAN  BASEBALL COACHES, will bring all the charm of this sport to the Calceranica fields again this year. You will be able to wear the original t-shirt and cap of the American professional league MLB (everyone can keep the t-shirt and cap after the camp!!), learn baseball, practice English, meet new friends, have fun and immerse yourself in an intense and original experience. No basic knowledge of baseball is required, nor is any knowledge of the English language required. Each team will have people dedicated to translations available.



Following the first week (1 - 5 July) of the AMERICAN BASEBALL CAMP one of our American coaches will remain in Trentino to offer an extended camp experience. Click here: AMERICAN BASEBALL CAMP (extra innings) 



Girls and boys from 8 years old up to girls and boys aged 16 (they are divided by age group).



  • You can experience the adventure of a truly special week together with other kids your age and the explosive energy of 15 American coaches.
  • You can learn about a fascinating new sport, baseball, and immerse yourself in American culture.
  • You can improve/learn English in a fun way thanks to sports and small group conversations.
  • You can have an intercultural experience in the special evening “Texan night” and in the final tournament.
  • You can make new friends and have a lot of fun with your team and other teams.



1 - 5 July 2024

Campo da calcio
Viale Trento 21
38050 Calceranica al Lago (TN)

The  football field at Calceranica al Lago is easily reachable by car, by bike and by public transport (It is close to the Calceranica station and the bus stop).



  • The activities take place from 8.30 to 16.00 from Monday to Friday
  • Advance payment from 7.30am to 8.30am only upon paid reservation
  • Reception from 8.30 to 9.00
  • Possible postponement from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm upon reservation, free of charge

Tuesday, 2 July: Texan night from 16,00 onwards
Friday, 5 July: final baseball game until 17:00 


* TEXAN NIGHT: You'll experience lasso throwing and horseshoe throwing, demonstrate your line dancing talent, and listen to the music of real cowboys.

Parents are invited to attend TEXAN NIGHT and watch the FINAL GAME on Friday!



  • The cost for the entire proposal is €200
  • Possible postponement from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm upon reservation, free of charge.
  • + €15/week for the advance service (from 7.30 to 8.30) upon reservation.
  • sibling discount: 10% for the total amount!
  • Bring a friend* and receive a €20 discount!

Example with 2 children:

*The discount is only granted if you indicate the name of your friend - who has never participated in the AMERICAN BASEBALL CAMP - when registering! Siblings already receive a discount and do not count as friends. For organizational reasons, this discount will be refunded by bank transfer only after the closure of the AMERICAN BASEBALL CAMP. 

You can register while places last!

The VIVIT association can issue a payment receipt. Since it is not an amateur sports association, the expense is not tax deductible and the use of service vouchers is not envisaged.



  • Learning how to play baseball with coaches from the USA
  • Small group conversations in English, facilitated by Italian translators
  • The use of high quality equipment
  • The original T-shirt and cap from the American professional baseball league MLB (to keep even after the camp!)
  • Lunch with a special agreement
  • The final match on Friday



We will form small groups, balanced by age. The activities will be offered in English with the presence of Italian educators/translators. No incoming English skills are required.

An important objective of the camp is to immerse children in the English language. Participants will be encouraged to overcome the fear of expressing themselves and invited to get involved themselves. Through games and sporting activities, important values such as team spirit, cooperation and perseverance will be transmitted.

During the "team time" some short biblical readings will be proposed regarding the sporting ethical values that support the American Baseball Camp, such as solidarity, respect for others and generosity. What can we learn today about these values from the characters and stories of the Bible?

We are committed to taking care of children and young people responsibly, to helping them to be active and participate in all proposals, to experiment with themselves in a new situation, to experience the joy of sport and movement together with others.

In order to better enjoy the summer camp, the program and the relationships, we will leave our cell phones turned off during the week. However, a contact person will always be reachable by phone in case of special needs or emergencies.


For further information you can contact Christof:

Mobile: 348 31 38 163 (Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM or whatsapp messages)

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